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Our ancestors have always used cold-pressed oils in their diet, which they believed is the key to long life and staying healthy! and we are here to help you follow a healthy and happy life with all natural, chemical-free oils. Indyug Oils is a Hyderabad-Based company that is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality cold-pressed oils using quality oilseeds and nuts. Indyug Oils is committed to produce, promote, and deliver amazing health benefits of cold-pressed oils discovered by our ancestors to ensure the well-being of people. With a wide and unique range of products, we are able to deliver you with consistent, quality cold-pressed oil products and services. Indyug ensures a high standard of quality throughout the oil-making process from selecting oilseeds and nuts to delivery of oil to its customers. We ensure to make pure, authentic and traditionally made oils available to our customers through various delivery channels.

We provide best quality products which suits you.

Your Health is Our Top Priority.

Our Motto is to ensure high quality, pure and premium quality cold-pressed oils to our customers and to ensure the right balance of aroma and taste in our every oil


Our Vision is to produce high qualilty cold-pressed oils, which is highly nutritious, awesome in taste and make people lead a healthy life.

Our Vision

Our mission is to make Indyug Oil a leading manufacturer of cold-pressed oil and to create awareness among its consumers that their products are authentic, chemical free and safe to consume.

Our mission

Indyug was established with the purpose to provide the best quality natural cold-pressed oils to all its consumers. Our aim is to bring about change in food habits in every household from highly processed and packed foods to healthy food from nature. We provide exceptional customer service by dispatching orders placed on time.

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